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Promotion! Head Digger at Camp Of Champions.

Promotion! Head Digger at Camp Of Champions.

ATTN!: creative, strong, sun loving park diggers and shapers! I’m happy to announce my position at @campofchampions as head digger this summer – a fun feeling after first coming out west as a 14 year old to go to COC – and I’m looking to start building my crew. I need a few positions filled but all require a lot of hardwork, craftsmanship and dedication (don’t expect to do laps haha – you get paid $$) drivers lisence and certification / ability to drive a trailer is not required but an asset. Will be doing interviews mid-may. Apply with resume and a ‘why I’m a good fit’ statement in the body of your email to Good luck !


On assignment : Rockstar Treatment in the Interior of BC

On assignment : Rockstar Treatment in the Interior of BC

The adrenaline descents crew invited me to chase the powder with them between kicking horse, revelstoke, fernie and valhalla snow cats. I was picked up and will be carted around in this amazing luxury tour bus. Heli drops tomorrow! Look for the feature story on the ‘storm chasers’ in SBC skier next year.


Interview with Mikael Deshenaux – Comte


Look for it in The Ski Journal coming soon! Amazing experience with this legend of my youth and potential big collabs with Eric Iberg on something in the 30,000 word range on the same subject ASAP. Fingers crossed.


Stewart Medford: Head Photographer Contest

Stewart Medford: Head Photographer Contest

Hey everyone!

I made it safely back to Whistler from 8 weeks in Europe and found out that good friend and photographer Stewart Medford has made the finals to be the head photographer. He, and consequently I, are shooting as much as possible to make this happen and this is the first photo we got on an urban feature yesterday. Feel free to follow this link and give it an upload to support my talented friend!


Habitual Locomotion, Phantom Wingmen and Dropping the Scythe.

Habitual Locomotion, Phantom Wingmen and Dropping the Scythe.

New work on part 5/6. Photo by the one and only Andreas Eder

‘…But then over the course of twenty-four hours I sent myself down a nice big handrail at a secret location in Austria and then over snow-adorned avalanche barriers where we targeted each other’s slough-tubs for the afternoon. Afterward, I´d expected the bruise to have monopolized the entirety of the presiding king of my left foot´s primary pillar and subsequently paint his claw-like shield a throbbing purple-black. To my surprise though, after excitedly analyzing my distinguished member after such a full few sessions, I discovered the distinct colouration quite literally Houdini on me and leave without a trace. A phantom wingman of a bruise. All was skin toned and perfectly dandy again, akin to new. But… whodunnit and how? What next?…’




Pick up issue 4 to peep it! This kid has his chambers sorted.


Coverage : Powder Guide (German)

Coverage : Powder Guide (German)

Words about me rather than by me. Thanks Sebastian Fischer! It’s in German, but with great photos by Tom Winter that people of all languages can understand.


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