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Chelsea June Kozlan – Published Online for

Who is this Chelsea June Kozlan, the mysterious lady behind Koz Creations?

She’s the company’s driving force, leading lady and only employee. She’s recently taken a hiatus from her day job at the Alpine Cafe to craft & create – full time feather fun.

Montreal born and bred, Koz is a Whistler rarity. Not your typical late-night socialite, she’s instead a creative and very productive homebody artist type who, somehow, manages to always see life where life’s been discarded.

On top of her elegantly crafted multi-coloured feather earrings, random re-use-it records get strategically melted and precisely molded, transformed into witty – yet still understated – vases for small foliage. Yellowing sheet music isn’t safe from Kozlan either: becoming origami flowers or – truthfully, cute – siamese hearts, fit to be tied into a centerpiece for any occasion. Furthermore, antique lockets, striped feather earrings, wedding accessories, feather hair… Koz’s catalog goes on and on.

Obviously, she loves her work (another rarity) so besides a few carefully selected occasions lightly garnishing her night life, as far as the outside world is concerned, we hear only lore of mouth about the incorrigable artist (but can’t help seeing her work on seemingly every waitress, hairdresser and tattoo artist’s earlobes in town.)

Her motto screams: speak softly and leave a large, expansive, eloquently detailed body of original work.And if you’re getting married, lore on the street is that she’s expanding still.

Ben Wannamaker – SBC Skier / The Ski Journal


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