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Unpublished: Mack Jones as Toad

Mack Jones as Toad by Stewart Medford

Mack Jones as Toad.

By Ben Wannamaker

Photo by Stewart Medford

It’s the Orage Master’s in Whistler B.C. and all eyes are fixed on one Mack Jones. He’s in a makeshift Toad outfit – the one from Super Mario – and absurdly, he’s soaring forty feet above the muted mass of spectators – corralled before the gondolas at the base of the village – and a scaffolding full of ‘opposition teams,’ AKA a bunch of roaring drunkards in full party makeup.

Mack is still mid flatspin 900; clearing the fifty-foot-hip that few of the talented present could fathom attempting, in a hastily created costume: bone-white track pants, tie dye’d helmet cover (made to look like digital fungi) and a blue and gold hand-sewn vest. With thousands of eyes wide open: it’s suddenly quiet enough to hear the earth creak when Toad pulls the trigger on – easily – the largest and most inconceivable trick of the anti-contest in no less than an award-winning Halloween outfit.

The crowd erupts like a forest fire at the precise moment that Jones touches down; forty feet of absolute sky gets manipulated and I wonder what pro ball players think.


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