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PUBLISHED: – Flex Hours for Laxidasical Louts?

-Flex Hours for Lackadaisical Louts?

What motivates people to get out of bed and go to work? Is it the alarm, the paycheck or the habit of experiencing the day-to-day act itself? Understanding that sleeping through one’s alarm will put undue work square on the shoulders of one’s co-workers – ‘co’ being peers that one can empathize with – causes a drive in us, compelling enough to convince some lackadaisical louts to fulfill their obligations and in one way or another work through hungover or hesitant bodies with we: the thankful co-workers of the world.

I work in the terrain park on Whistler Blackcomb, so my motivation to get out of bed is quite often to get the trick I’ve been working on, to plane through the powder that had been pad-padding throughout the cold cold night – blanketing
my commute to the park entrance – or simply, selfishly, to get that morning coffee in my hand for the rolling chairlift trip that I’ll ride while rubbing the crust from my eye’s outer rim.

Either way, it occurred to me one day when I woke up cursing my alarm clock that perhaps if the company that so gratefully employed me, as well
as – theoretically – all companies instituted ‘flex times’ like an honor system,
that allowed their employees to come in to work between, say: 8:30 and 10:30: whenever their bodies felt most appropriate – rather than making them feel that
they were being dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn against their will – there really wouldn’t be much taking advantage of this experimental system; we wouldn’t see an over-excess of workers showing up at 10:29 each day,
especially within the union of terrain park employees like yours truly, who have an appreciation for contribution to a team, enjoy shaping and skiing their personalized snow sculptures and of course, don’t hate the paycheck that comes along with getting up those few extra hours earlier.

Included is a one minute edit from a lap or two that was filmed during the off days in my office by Nevin Falloon. It was tossed together with the deadline of one day: intended as a last minute contribution, a ‘commercial’ for the Golden
Film Festival in Golden B.C. Thought I’d share! Check out the Yowie! Thanks Outdoor Tech, Liberty Skis, TMC Freeriderz, Surefoot, Crossfire Designs and Trew Outerwear.


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