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First Exhibition: Tattooing Newborns and Dog Cropping: A Collage


Currently hung at The Fall on Seymour Street in Vancouver,
‘Tattooing Newborns and Dog Cropping’ is my first attempt at
addressing the subject-object relationship that happens between
people and animals, as well as people and children, aka: other

It combines the words of vetrenarians, MD’s and young mothers
to produce an unsettling account of priorities for the individual
in the West. Not to mention elements of sexism, speciesism,
journalism and philosophy.



If you’d like to have a closer look at the 8 piece exhibition and
don’t live in Vancouver, I’ve hand-bound the work in 10 eight page
zines, along side 2 other ‘chapters’ that investigate the same
subject-object relationship. “Where There’s Bliss There Will Be
Blood” is 6 short poems that discuss ‘agency’ and ‘distress’ and
“The Atrophy of Abstract Thought” is curious-propaganda that
addresses the importance of imagination and the unknown in order
for the subject-subject relationship to remain in lieu of the
‘accessorizing of the other’, hence slipping into a subject-object

The zines are bound in aromatic Swedish tjara rope and available
for 5$ plus shipping. Please email money transfer to
with your address. The full 8 piece wall exhibition is available for
150$ and launches One of One Copy House, a moniker for all of my
word-related-but-not-freelance-writing projects such as: greeting

cards, words on clothes, copy-editing, consultation services, art
exhibits, collaborations, zines etc.

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