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More Skiing Support! Thanks Outdoor Technology.


Super happy to be amongst Mack Jones and Sandy Boville on the Outdoor Technology team.

Click here for my full profile and peep the lovely photos from Stewart Medford

Ben Wannamaker
Weapon of Choice: Ski
Hometown: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Applying skiing to his life with a contortionist’s flexibility, (“sometimes it’s a punching bag, sometimes it’s a microphone, sometimes it’s a deck of cards, sometimes it’s a motorcycle. Skiing can be social lubricant, a stationary bike, a news source and a pissing contest all at once”) Ben Wannamaker, 27, grew up by the railway tracks in a flat, Southern Ontarian town called Bowmanville.

Since then, Wannamaker competed extensively in Canada, Europe and the US before he moved to Whistler to appreciate skiing the binary opposites of incredibly soft powder and  unarguably dense metal.  Wannamaker is also a freelance writer and journalist ( who regularly submits content to SBC Skier, The Ski Journal, Snap! Concrete Wave and Mountain Life. His art has been shown at THE FALL and he is presently working on his first novel, The Kleptomaniac.  Wannamaker is also the Senior Correspondent for and, on top of Outdoor Technology, he skis for TMC Freeriderz, TREW Gear, Love Jules Leather, Devin Stacey Tattoo and Liberty Skis.


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