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PUBLISHED: Nick McNutt: SBC Skier


Old timers used to say that one’s style of skiing may prove a good thermometer for gauging a skier’s personality. Scary eh? Well, not if you’re Nick McNutt.

Self described as ‘calculated, reserved and always down to go skiing,’ Kimberley bred and Whistler sharpened, McNutt, 23, proves the folklore true with every trip, mission and video part he participates in.
“If you can pull off filming for two companies, it’s awesome” he says – presently shooting with both Nelson B.C’s Sweetgrass Productions and Vancouver’s PYP Productions. McNutt, who also manages to feed the internet’s bottomless impatience for ski porn by releasing replay heavy web edits and P.O.V footy – thankfully documents his own flawless ‘skier’s skier’ style of trickery and pillow-line masochism.

“Helmet cams are a very realistic option for any skier” McNutt says about alternative options of ‘making it’ in the industry. “Park skiing is on some next level sh*t these days and I can’t do a dub 16 so there’s not much point in me trying to prove that I’m better than this guy or that guy. I just love skiing, mostly at my own pace and mostly in fresh pow.”

This coming from the 3rd place finisher of IF3’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ catagory may sound modest, but omni-low-key is one of McNutt’s most apparent traits; in park or powder, he manages to slay sanely – proving the old-timers right. Watch anything he is featured in and observe the new definition of ‘underrated’ and ‘he who could care less.’



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