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Online @ Gladly Calloused: The Bailey Mitchell Interview

Everyone knows a ‘Bailey Mitchell’: underrated, under-stated; fond to grow and not to show with a naked back for all the shirts they’ve selflessly stripped off and offered away. However no duplicate resumes match Mitchell’s. His experience vat and ‘hat closet’ are both so deep that they’re dark, and his skills are somehow both varied and refined: a contract terrain park digger for Arena Snowparks, Mitchell works on the Horstmen Glacier each summer to make dreams come true for campers at the dynasty that is the Camp of Champions. He helped shape the Olympic half-pipe at Cypress in 2010, is a fixture at Powder Mountain Cat-Heli Skiing in the winter and manufactures double-pivoting swing-bikes and competition grade barbeques out of his back-yard in his ‘free time’.  He’s well travelled, calloused, and sours at the word ‘shallow’ when talking about both powder and people. Ladies and Gentlemen, the man-in-the-fat-suit: Bailey Mitchell.

See the interview here:


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