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PUBLISHED: SBC SKIER Matty Richard probe. Full story.

Transcribing an hour-and-a-half conversation with New Brunswick-to-Whistler transplant, Matty Richard was next to impossible. Richard is a notorious talker, and rightfully so: he has an entire lifetime of skiing to talk about. He first got a taste for coastal geography as a grom riding the Horstman Glacier at Camp of Champions. Since moving to Whistler, he followed the Freeride World Tour around the globe from 2003-2008 (winning the Kirkwood stop in 2006 and fi nishing second overall that same year), helped design the most accessible ski on the market, and worked with Sherpas Cinema on both A Fine Line (the collective’s breakout avalanche awareness film) and last year’s blockbusterAll.I.Can, the most highly decorated ski film in history.

If you ask him about getinging the next Switch Triple, expect little more than a chuckle. Richard is a mountaineer who sees his next learning phase as nailing knots and being more comfortable in highly uncomfortable situations. Given this, it’s understandable that not even the brazenly cold temperatures in the ski-tuning shed where the interview was conducted could slow him down.

On skis, he acts the same way as off: a madman running on passion. And he integrates that same style of light-footed fire he speaks with into his skiing and an unquestionably pause-less lifestyle.

Ask anyone who knows him: boom, boom, boom—that’s Matty Richard.


For the full interview check out:


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