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Submitted PROSE: HOBO Magazine SIOUX section.

Submitted PROSE: HOBO Magazine SIOUX section.

A little prose-y piece I put together after spending a long night with a talented leathersmith. Photo by Josh Blodans.

-The Girl Too Young For Knuckle Knots

We stared across the thick wooden table at each other – four in the morning, her eyes were wet with work. Her hands wrestled the sole into the mold and she said she didn’t know what success meant.

We made space-black coffee in the flat above her leather studio and she put a sculpted jackalope skull on my ring finger. With a crooked smile she led me down the descending steps into the dimple dwelling discs of steadily falling snow: Julia Vagelatos – the girl too young for knuckle knots – needed a hand getting forty-five pairs of hand made shoes crafted and on the stoop of a Sitka Dealer on West 4th Street in Vancouver by noon the next day.

Five a.m didn’t notify us and struck while I continued burning cursive into by-product animal hide and Jules drove an exacto knife around the half-oval of yet another insole like a NASCAR driver. Blind with exhaustion, her head half-shaved, her neck gave out and she nods while, unfazed, her unsweetened tree hands race around the bend again: she looks like she’s praying from my place across the exhausted table – for a nylon flag to finally wave to her like a chess board: signifying sleep or just another met deadline.


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