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“#Raw ” Says Whistler Blackcomb about my World Ski and Snowboard Festival Coverage

Here’s a snippet from the story:

‘…But are: shredding, drunkeness, late-night lineups, too-hot chairlift laps, skiing in t-shirts and tutus, meterosexuality, vanity, drug use, spitting, predatory sexuality, glory – and the absence of any adult with a working internal compass – the real reason why Watermark puts on this festival in the first place? Is it pre-packaged chaos? Where is the ‘magic of the festival?’…’
And WB responded on Twitter with:

WSSF Whistler ‏@wssf
25 Apr: Ha! Love. RT @doglotion: ha! great read about @wssf at @WhistlerBlckcmb last week. #raw


Check out my second annual (and a little different) coverage of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler this spring, in it’s entirety, here:


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