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So happy to collaborate with Whistler legends photographer, Brian Hockenstein and snowboarder, Geoff Brown while getting a new client with in the process. Image


for the full story check out


but here’s a snippet :

“I joked with Belzile at the start of the day that it would take me 43 tries to land the double…” Brown said reflectively, “maybe I jinxed myself? I tried it 20-odd times that night.”

Everyone at the spot was an onlooker at the first attempt, shaking their heads at one another after each time as if to say “that was it, right? That HAD to be it.” But to our surprise, Brown: sweaty, worn and mind-bogglingly endurable, Brown – time after time whipped past us via sled-shuttle to drop in once more. His attacks on the high-octane – utterly death-bull-esque – mechanism that a double cork twelve at that magnitude is, were relentless.

“It was great working with Geoff that night,” said Sandbox’s Larsen. “He tried the double corks at least 20 times and had some hard falls but just kept going.”

Imagine the madness masked behind Brown’s Sandbox ball-park helmet, goggles and taut bandanna. Include of course: the impending deadline of the falling red, laser-pointer-like sun a-sinking down, the ever-ascending price tag of a helicopter following him into each attempt, the almost tactile pressure in the air and the five distinctive cameras documenting his every move.

“I tried to shut off everything else, everything around me,” Brown says. “There was a point near the end of the sunset when I was standing at the top of the in-run, alone, shaking as much from being exhausted as I was from feeling tired and stressed. I saw the sun setting behind the mountains and I knew I would only get a few more tries….”




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