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EDITED A PUBLISHED MEMOIR: For a great cause and already sold 500 copies!

A few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a lovely young woman on a plane.

Four years, 155 pages and 500 copies later, I finally have my name attached to an ISBN number and a fully edited novel. All pride aside however, the spotlight should fully remain on the subject of the memoir and woman I met on that plane: Timea Nagy.


A Hungarian sex-slave survivor, Nagy now dedicates her life to helping trauma victims of the sex trade, educating RCMP at Justice Schools and lots more. LOOK HER UP! And book sales and donations to her philanthropy efforts ( will help survivors on the FRONT LINES of the sex trade in CANADA. Which is more elaborate then you may think.

Editing this book was emotionally demanding, scrupulous, took all of four months and opened my eyes to a coercive and ugly world that’s going on in the plastic-happiness of my Canadian backyard. I couldn’t be more thankful to Nagy for that kind of exposure and experience.

First ISBN! 978 0 615 37799 5 ‘Memoirs of a Sex Slave Survivor’ by Timea Nagy, Edited by Ben Wannamaker



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