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On Assignment : Austria

On Assignment : Austria

Hey everyone! Austria is amazing. I´m working with Andreas Eder on a few assignments for features in SBC SKIER and THE SKI JOURNAL over here for the next four weeks… check out his work!

I´m also doing weekly updates over at so ya´ll can keep tabs on me… heres a sneak preview of the next DL update which should be dropping today or tomorrow

“Earlier that day I drove my skis through snow that should have stayed in the sandbox, 3000m above sea level. It was a strange sun-bake that was forgiven only in the wind-lips. And all over the off-piste was suspicious fresh that concealed core-shot starved great white sharks of sharp earth in Ischgl.

But those fears are unwarranated now.

The road to Zell am See and finally Eben with my connection was filled with welcome flakes of fresh snow and the next day I woke to swine popping in the pan high on the shoulder of a mountain side in central Austria in a thirty year old hand-built home. Nearly sleepwalking, I stepped over a golden retriever named Bode (after Miller), hand-made shoes with wooden soles from Grandpa, a pair of traditional, heavy and heavily inscribed leather pants and an all too novel jagerhud (hunters hat) in the corner. The home was holistically constructed, as organic and 3D as the innumerable aspects of the alps and the only semblance of four walls and a roof here may exist in the psychological realm, notably regarding a gross distaste for certain EU nations.

Some things will take some getting used to on this leg of the trip, but the overwhelming majority of new elements and hand wittled details in the wood above the breakfast table – as flakes nuke down in the harmony of a silent army – are as welcome as my new crew have been to me.”

Check the full story at asap!


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