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I have collaborated with Eric Iberg of Inspired Media Concepts for a number of projects now and am seemingly his ‘go-to-guy’ for the written word when it comes to all things INSPIRED. From “Education of Style” reviews in the IF3 Program, to full features in SBC Skier on Phil Casabon, to writing Iberg’s personal cover letter, to Mikael Deshenaux-Comte features in The Ski Journal and now talk of being Inspired Media’s Senior Columnist and possibly biographer: when Iberg asked me to do the synopsis for Harlaut’s new benchmark ski film ‘The Road to Zion’ I obviously said yes. It’s always an honour to work with these taste-makers. See the entire film and my abstract below.

“Suffering a tragic and unexpected loss when skiing’s unabashed maverick and Harlaut’s friend Tom Warnick passed away early season, Harlaut started his wildest contest season yet: defending X-games gold, throwing Wu-tang signs in Russia during the premiere of slopestyle at the Olympics, and organizing his first ever invitational event with his brother, Phil Casabon. “Looking back at this year is so crazy for me,” Harlaut says. “After the craziness of the Olympics filming finally started and I was off to Finland, Austria, Italy and Colorado before jet-setting back Europe for the premier B&E invitational event and finishing it all off up in northern Sweden, I had the most fun and it’ll all be exposed in ‘The Road to Zion.’


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