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PUBLISHED / NEW CLIENT : LATER mag / ISSUE 7 : Cessna Surf Exploring

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A 6 page feature story that I wrote with Rory Bushfield and Mason Mashon for LATER mag just got released! This publication has always been in my sights to work for because of their rich history in the extreme sports publishing game and this is also a) the first time Mashon and I have worked together since the release of Fodder Magazine in 2010 b) the first time I have had a chance to work with Bushy, a hell of a chap and c) it got me on the same masthead as Dave Carnie, a formidable influence who I’ve always been a huge fan of. All things considered, I’m very happy to see this drop! Here’s a snippet but make sure to grab the issue. The content of LATER is never predictable or standard, the layout is always coffee-table worthy and the distribution is really wide so any local skate, surf, Chapters / Indigo should have them. Follow us on instagram for all that good good: @latermag @ben_wannamaker @mason_mashon and @bushywane


Dreamy as it sounds, the hazards are prevalent when Mashon and Bushfield take to the sky, where autopilot couldn’t be further from an option. “Safety wise, I check everything out within the plane and engine before the flight,” Bushfield adds. “But with that said, we almost flew right into the tail of 
a giant breaching whale one time. Old Frogsbreath isn’t built for soft and short landings and takeoffs. Or beach landings. I think she only landed on pavement before I owned her. Although, at the right time of day, a beach can feel just like pavement. It’s hard to know until you commit. We throw rocks at the beach from the plane and if we see them rolling, it’s a good sign.”

Dodging whale tails isn’t the only time Cessna surf hunting requires wit. Mason, the navigator, claims, “We flew Frogsbreath out to a remote beach to camp and surf for five days, and we nearly drowned the plane in the tide. I drowned my camera in its housing and we almost ran out of provisions because the fog wouldn’t let us leave. I’ll never forget that trip.”



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