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STEAL AWAY GOLDEN CALF : First Fiction Title Available for Pre-Order NOW!

I’m happy to announce, after a few years of chipping away, that a little piece of fiction that I wrote is available for pre-order via OneOfOne CopyHouse. There are many people to thank and without whom this wouldn’t have been possible – you know who you are. Below the images of the front and back cover is a short synopsis of the piece + information on how to place your order. Thanks for all of the support!



“Hammer is a kleptomaniac but the world outside his mind is strict and enforces public amputation for minor/major offenses. The State insists on it and – besides Hammer’s unfortunate familiarity with the town pillory – crime hasn’t been lower.

There’s a prosthetic black market that Hammer proudly boycotts and a union of prostitutes which he proudly doesn’t. There’s a license that requires winning a lottery and passing a multiple choice test to have children (our anti-hero tries to steal a test in order to raise a child soldier, who will hopefully kill a corrupt cop…) There’s tribal warfare, eggs raining down on people and whole families hidden beneath the floorboards where a baby winds up to sneeze…

Sardonic and comic;  bleak, absurd and unnatural: this is Ben Wannamaker’s first novel.”

Published by One of One Copy House.

165 pages

To secure a copy from the first print run, please send an email to:

with ‘Steal Away Golden Calf’ in the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email.





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