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About Ben

Ben Wannamaker was born on December 11th, 1984, in Southern Ontario. He is a publisher, editor, writer and multi-disciplinary artist who was a professional skier between 2005 – 2015 and made films between 2001-2006. Thus far, he has lived in Tokyo, Sweden, Toronto, Vancouver, Tofino and Whistler, BC. He writes, skateboards, plays chess and makes art; he swims in the ocean and the alpine ocean too. He’s been designing, building, maintaining and testing interactive snow sculptures for world class athletes since 2010.  His writing has appeared on the same mastheads as David Suzuki, Dave Carnie, Leslie Anthony, Glen Plake and Warren Miller through various freelance clients under the vast umbrellas of lifestyle, art, music, sport and culture. Thus far, his work his been published in four languages.

His first novel, ‘Steal Away Golden Calf’ was released in 2016 and his next novel,’Prison Toothpaste’ is currently underway.

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