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NEW RELEASE : Literary Fiction ‘Steal Away Golden Calf’ now available on KOBO devices


I’m very pleased to announce that my freshman novel “Steal Away Golden Calf” is now available digitally for KOBO devices! (See the link below for synopsis, purchasing details, page count and more. It’s $9.99)

One of One Copy House felt like it was a no-brainer to diversify the platforms on which the novel was released and although it was hard for my old soul to swallow, I’ve accepted that it pays to be media-literate and keep up with the times!

Still, I can proudly vouch that print isn’t dead and neither are independent publishers.

Also, thanks for the support and thanks to everyone who helped us sell out of the first print run so fast! As a thank you, I have 5 personal print copies of the novel which will be signed and raffled off to a lottery consisting of the first 20 digital orders placed. Shipping will be free, as always. (Send a message to let me know you made the KOBO purchase to enter!) Good luck and thanks again! Here’s the link:

Huge thanks to @robinoconn @papatrickster and @darylshaughnessy for all their help with the project, formatting for #KOBO and so much more.





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